• Overweight or obese?
  • Dissatisfied when you see yourself in a mirror?
  • Always dieting and cannot maintain your weight loss?
  • Unhappy and exhausted from your constant weight loss struggles?
  • Feeling alone in your war on weight?


FACT: The latest statistics show that 69% or two-thirds of the adults in the United States is either overweight or obese.

FACT: Over one hundred million people in the United States diet each year, typically making four or five diet attempts during the year period.

FACT: If you are overweight and constantly dieting, you are not alone!

Finally, here is a book that serves as a companion to the life-long dieter!  ~Stephanie H. Abrams, MD, MS         
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My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters is a gift of love and hope for all never-ending dieters. The book is written with a kind and evolved point of view on a very sensitive subject. Maurice Horwitz shares his heartfelt understanding of the harsh realities of being fat and living with a diet mentality throughout his entire life. Maurice writes with absolute honesty and openness, and in a voice that is humorous, sincere, and comforting.  

His revealing and candid words allow the readers to quickly recognize that they are not alone, that someone out there truly understands and cares, and most importantly, can help them to realize that there is hope in the scary, lonely world of being fat and never-ending diets. Ultimately, the readers are provided with a plan of healing that Maurice developed for himself during a critical period in which he endured a number of serious health crises and a significant weight gain of poundage that he had recently lost. 

Through his commitment and conviction to this healing plan, he totally changed his attitude and outlook on life. He discovered that his was not a "fat issue," but an "I" issue! Maurice knew this was the also the truth for never-ending dieters like himself. In sharing this healing plan, the readers are given simple steps that will have them waking up with a smile, and walking around with a new zest for life and living! Maurice inspires the readers to heal and to unlock and live their dreams and aspirations. You are not alone!

About the Author
For years Maurice Horwitz knew that he had an important book inside himself longing to be written. Maurice intuitively knew that through his written words he would be able to help a multitude of individuals who, like him, were living lives of quiet desperation in their continuing battle to lose weight. Through his entire life Maurice lived with being fat and never-ending diets. With job burn out in his professional career, Maurice retired early with his intention to dramatically change his life physically, emotionally, and spiritually. The year following his retirement Maurice lost 138 pounds. The next chapter of Maurice's life led him down a bumpy road that included a number of very serious health crises. 

In the one-year period during these health crises, Maurice regained most of the weight he had recently lost. During the recovery from the last of these medical traumas, Maurice realized that his weight and life were totally out of control, yet once again. This jolting wake-up call ultimately guided Maurice to develop a life-altering healing plan. With courage and devotion to this plan, Maurice experienced a dramatic change in his psyche and life. Maurice knew that the time had arrived to access his talents and to share his deep understanding and personal healing plan with others like himself. 

The result of Maurice s work is his book, My Life As A Diet: Understanding and Healing for Never-ending Dieters! The book is for people struggling with weight issues and "anyone" wishing to change their life for the better. Maurice Horwitz shares his simple, yet powerful, transformative plan of healing with you giving you the stepping-stones needed to achieve extraordinary results . With personal commitment and a little patience, the plan will guide you to a treasured state of happiness no matter what you weigh or what obstacles that you are facing in your life.
138 lbs lighter